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RaisedReidality is a faith-based clothing store that strives to bring Jesus and the Gospel to the world through our products. Our mission is to provide our customers with clothing that celebrates their faith and allows them to express themselves in a positive and meaningful way.

We believe in serving our customers with honesty and integrity, while also sharing stories about our family and how Jesus has and still is transforming us. We hope to spread His message of love and hope to all who visit our store.


RaisedReidality's vison for the future is to be dedicated to empowering youth and families, creating a transformative impact for generational change. Our mission is to bridge the gap between young individuals and essential resources that are scarce in our community. Through innovative programs, education, and support services, we strive to equip youth with the tools they need to overcome challenges, embrace opportunities, and thrive as confident, compassionate, and engaged members of society. Together, we are building a stronger, more inclusive community where every young person has the chance to succeed and shape a brighter future for generations to come.

Our hopes are to use the platform we are growing to accomplish these goals one day in the future.

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Sublimation definition: when a solid material turns into a gas without going through a liquid stage.

This means that the artwork is transferred to an object in a gas state by using a high temperature heat press during the dye sublimation printing process. It differs from traditional printing methods because it bypasses the liquid step. There are no inks drying to the printed object.

The image is first infused onto the source printing paper, leaving little mess and making the whole process quick and easy for dye sublimation printing. Heat is then utilized to transfer the image from the sublimation paper to an object.

This is how we make our Jesus Tees!

We are now also getting ready to release some designs from DTF printing as well so that we continue to give you the best new designs and ideas!

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